Construction Services

Landscape construction has developed into a demanding, intricate and multifaceted industry. Our experience and knowledge have allowed our company to sustain itself ahead of the competition with today’s changing methods, materials, and trends.

Working alongside reputable consultants, we deliver landscape construction projects from contract approval, to substantial completion, to full delivery. Our team of highly trained and experienced tradesmen and professional staff, as well as adequate equipment and safety-oriented procedures, allows us to maintain and complete projects efficiently, on time and within budget.

Our availability to perform work throughout the season, combined with our efficiency and the coordination of our crews, has allowed us to develop and maintain trusting working relationships with municipalities, builders, consultants, property managers and residential owners.

Construction Services:

  • Plant installation and sourcing of large caliper trees
  • Natural stonework and masonry
  • Large-scale tread and boulder installation
  • Lockstone paving
  • Pre-cast retaining walls
  • Structural and decorative concrete, foundations, curbing, walls and walks
  • Unparalleled custom woodwork: acoustic and custom fencing, decks, gazebos, pergolas
  • Geo-grids, soil reinforcement, geo-textiles
  • Water features and water falls
  • Earthworks
  • Site grading
  • Excavating, trenching, soil engineering, backfilling
  • Environment protection, sediment fencing, vegetation control
  • Live walls
  • Storm sewage, sanitary, manholes, sub-drainage, catch basins, culverts
  • Site furnishing
  • Playground equipment and architectural structures
  • Sodding and fine grading
  • Terra-seeding
  • Hydraulic seeding
  • Irrigation
  • Low-voltage landscape lighting
  • High-voltage electrical installation/servicing
  • Mechanical servicing and equipment (heated drives)
  • Storm water management ponds – building, cleaning and servicing
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Asphalt walks and trails
  • Bioengineering of slopes
  • Large boulder work for retaining walls and accents